Raquel Vindas

Raquel Vindas

Disney Vacation Planner - San José, Costa Rica

Hello, my name is Raquel and my family and I are from Costa Rica. I have always loved to help my family and friend planning their vacations and help them to achieve memories that they will remember forever. My family have visited Disneyland and Walt Disney World several times and each time they find something new and exciting as a first time guest¡. I often travel with my husband and daughter and each time we bring back new memories.

When my friends and family ask me why do I love Disney? Well is very simple, because every experience is magic. Each time my family and I have a Disney's experience it exceeds our expectations and we always find moments that amaze and dazzle us.

Disney's Destinations are the only places in the world were all of my family have fun no matter their age and where all the grownups became children again. Disney experience make us feel like floating inside a happiness bubble.

All characters and crew members are willing to amaze you with the most incredible adventure. The first time we took our two year old daughter to Walt Disney World we were at Disney Springs. At the time to come back to the hotel we were running to catch the bus. The bus driver saw us in the hurry, waited for us, and as we came inside he ask for our daughter’s name. While the bus was running he pretend that Mickey was calling him asking to talk to our daughter, She was so dazzled and excited!. Finally, once we got to the hotel, the driver gave her a small bottle of bubble blower as a gift from Mickey himself. That’s the real magic!!! Since that moment, we try to take her back to Disney World as many times as possible. We’ve taken her to Disneyland too and each time has been a magical moment... That’s why we keep dreaming of going back...

Helping others to create their own magic moments as travel agent is a job that I really enjoy. To help them and their families to find a memorable experience and give them a special and customized experience for their vacation with time and money wisely spent gives me great pride and joyfulness.