Diana Tombolillo

Diana Tombolillo

Disney Vacation Planner - Vaughan, ON Canada

Hi, my name is Diana and I live just north of Toronto, Canada with my husband and two children. My Disney addiction began at 14-years-old when my family traveled to Walt Disney World for the first time. Our dear friends and neighbors accompanied us on that trip and they undertook all of the planning. Little did we know that their Disney expertise, time and dedication was integral for making our first visit truly magical. Having had such a wonderful experience, our family returned to Walt Disney World two years later. Recognizing that considerable planning is essential for traveling to Disney, my family assigned (16-year-old) me the task for this trip! It was so much fun that planning Disney vacations has been my favorite pastime ever since!

Living in Canada, it wasn’t always easy (or affordable) for my family to travel to Florida, but I was equally thrilled to plan vacations for other families and friends! I found joy living vicariously through the vacations of others. Not much has changed since my teenage years, only that my passion and experience with planning Disney vacations has grown stronger and more exciting!

My keen interest in peoples’ travel experiences never faltered, it actually led me to obtain a master’s degree with a specialization in tourism development planning. I wholeheartedly want guests to love their travel experiences, whether at Disney or beyond. And of course, this all begins with a good plan! Disney vacation planning can be overwhelming, especially for those who have never been, but that’s when an agent such as myself can be helpful. I am knowledgeable, organized and I am eager to create itineraries for every vacation and budget. I strive for plans to be practically perfect in every way and I am dedicated to making every dream (vacation) come true!

What exactly is it that makes Disney so special to you?

Entering Walt Disney World Resort leaves me completely captivated every time. To me, it is a well-functioning city built to dazzle and delight! There really isn’t any place like it in the world. It is truly an all-encompassing vacation destination.

Just when I thought that Disney couldn’t possibly be more impressive, I became a mother and now looking at Disney through a whole new lens. Traveling with children raised a lot of concerns for me: I was anxious about my son’s health, safety, and overall well-being when traveling abroad. Being a Disney fan, we decided that my son’s first trip (at 5-months-old) would have to be to Walt Disney World. That trip not only alleviated all of my travel anxieties, but it exceeded my expectations in terms of how Disney strives to make things easy and convenient for guests of all ages. After all, Walt Disney set out to create a clean, safe place where parents and children could have fun together…he definitely succeeded!

Traveling to Disney with children proved to be such a wonderful experience that my husband and I made the decision to invest in the Disney Vacation Club. For us, this was a means to enjoy a Disney vacation year after year and create a lifetime of memories…our way of living happily ever after!

Travel Specialties:
  • Walt Disney World
  • Disneyland
  • Disney Cruise Line
  • Adventures by Disney
  • Aulani
  • Universal Orlando/Hollywood
  • SeaWorld (Orlando, San Diego, San Antonio)
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